Premium Car Wax from Osher Blue

Why we’re a leading supplier of premium car wax.

At Osher Blue, we source and manufacture top-quality products, including premium car wax, from leading brands that have an excellent reputation. Plus, we’re Australian-owned and have a national distribution network, ensuring we can deliver our products to you promptly regardless of your location. Learn more about how to use our products correctly by reading below.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Auto Detailing Wax

Remember the following useful pointers, and you can extract the maximum benefit from our products as well as protect your bottom line:

  • Use microfibre cloths: If you want to be considered a real professional detailer, use a task-specific, colour-coded microfibre cloth when applying wax because it reduces the friction placed on a vehicle’s surface and minimises the risk of scratching. It also allows for easier washing, rinsing and drying. Remember to wash microfibre cloths separately to other rags because microfibre can trap the lint from cotton towels.
  • Use the ‘plastic bag’ trick: Before you wax a car, you need to clear its surface of contaminants and debris. You can ensure you’ve removed all the dirt from the vehicle by placing your hand in a grocery bag and gently running it over the vehicle’s surface. When you’re confident that there are no imperfections, you can apply wax with full confidence that you’ll do an efficient job.
  • Don’t use too much wax: Only use as much spray wax detailer as required. If you use too much, you may leave swirls on a vehicle’s surface, defeating the object of the task. Moreover, you’ll need to replenish your stock of auto detailing wax more often than necessary, which is the last thing you need when trying to protect your bottom line.

The Importance of Prepsol Wax and Grease Remover

Here’s why we’d argue that purchasing our premium, commercial-grade products is essential:

  • Make your customers’ vehicles shine without causing damage: Motorists choose to have their cars professionally waxed because they expect the results will be perfect. By using one of our quality products, you can rest assured your customers will leave your workshop in a spotless, scratch-free vehicle, which may help you secure repeat business.
  • Ensure no water spots remain after cleaning: Water spots don’t cause damage, but they can ruin a car’s aesthetics. Your customers come to you because they want their vehicle to look as good as new. Our solutions ensure no water spots or swirls will spoil the look of your clients’ vehicles, allowing you to offer a top-quality service.
  • Gain the upper hand over your competitors: If your competitors use inferior products, you can attract their customers by offering a waxing service that’s second to none in quality. Running a business can be challenging for numerous reasons, but your workshop is more likely to thrive if you guarantee flawless results with every client you serve.

Why Customer Should Use Osher Blue

For over ten years, we’ve been a leading supplier of tried-and-tested wax and grease removers to the automotive industry, and as you can see from our reviews, we excel in customer service. We can distribute our products to any Australian location within a matter of days, so the next time you need vehicle wax, call us or order online.