Osher Blue’s Heavy Duty Degreaser Is up to Tough Challenges

Do you need a heavy duty degreaser that can handle tough work?

Osher Blue can help. Our Heavy Duty Degreaser, or HD Degreaser, is designed to work quickly even on tough-to-clean surfaces and equipment. From factory machinery to greasy floors, the HD Degreaser can cut through water-insoluble substances to deliver a complete clean.

Benefits of Osher Blue’s Heavy Duty Degreaser

The HD Degreaser from Osher Blue is a multi-purpose cleaner degreaser with high power and potency. Here are a few of the benefits of having this product in the arsenal at your factory or workshop.

  • Heavy cleaning: A good degreaser can eradicate virtually any type of contaminant from a surface or part, including difficult-to-clean, water-insoluble substances like grease, oil, and wax.
  • Machinery or engine care: Automotive engines, factory machinery, and other heavy-duty systems can become filthy over time with more than just dirt and grime. The buildup of grease, oil, carbon brake dust, and other contaminants can affect the performance and safe operation of your equipment. Regular cleaning is an important step for care and maintenance, and only an effective degreaser can do the job.
  • Slip-free work environments: While you may use our HD Degreaser as a parts washer degreaser, it can also play a role in cleaning workshop or factory floors. Removing grease or oil from these floors is crucial for providing a safe, slip-free work environment for your employees.

What Sets Osher Blue Apart Regarding Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser?

If you are shopping for a heavy-duty degreaser, you might wonder what separates Osher Blue’s HD Degreaser from other multi-purpose cleaner degreaser products on the market. Here are a few of our key differentiating factors.

  • Our degreaser is designed with speed in mind: We know that you and your team don’t have much time to devote to end-of-day washdowns or equipment maintenance. Our degreaser is designed to be fast-acting so that you can get parts, equipment, and floors cleaner, sooner.
  • Our degreaser is safe and easy to work with: Degreasers need to be potent to cut through grease and oil, but they also need to be safe enough to work with in any type of environment. Our HD Degreaser fits the bill. It is a water-soluble product made from biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers.
  • Our product selection is extremely broad: Perhaps the HD Degreaser isn’t right for you and you need to look for a different type of degreaser. Alternatively, maybe you are looking for other substances for cleaning and maintaining cars, boats, factories, and other industrial environments. In either case, Osher Blue can help. We carry multiple degreasers for you to choose from, and our product selection is broad enough to encompass everything from car detailing supplies to commercial kitchen cleaners. Make us your central supplier for high-performance cleaning chemicals.

Why Osher Blue Is Cost-Effective

At Osher Blue, our collection makes us a one-stop shop for cleaning chemicals. Instead of relying on multiple different suppliers, streamline your workflow by making us your one point of contact for these types of products. Contact us today to learn more.