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ACCESSORIES  Mops, Brooms, Buckets, Squeegees Heavy duty or domestic quality. Please specify which.
Bottles, Aomisers and Triggers 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, pressure atomisers regular and acid resistant and various triggers
Sponges For washing vehicles. Super soft. Also available, the "bug sponge" with a soft scourer to remove stuck-on bugs.
Gloves Use rubberised gloves when working with caustic and acid compounds.
Chamois Industrial strength for maximum moisture absorbtion.
Hand Cleaner Dispensers Various dispensers to fit our handcleaners
Dispenser for Paper Towels Dispensers to suit 80m roll towels and 23.5 x24cm interleaved towels.
Cleaning Rags Coloured singlet, white singlet, flannel and terry towel in 10kg/20kg sizes
Bin Liners A variety of bin liners 36L, 75L, 82L
AUTOMOBILE CARE  Truck Wash Provides extra foaming, especially formulated for heavy duty applications.
Windscreen Washer Additive Add to the washer reservoir to remove bugs and road grime from windscreen.
Carpet Shampoo Highly concentrated. Strong and effective on natural and synthetic fabrics.
Prep Wash (Prepsal) Cleans surfaces in preparation for painting.
Wash and Gleam Washes and waxes in one application.
Mag Wheel Cleaner An acid based detergent that shifts heavy grime from alloy. Excellent for removing brake dust.
Tyre Coat A non-silicon liquid to restore the original look. Can be used in panel shops. Spray or paint on.
Pro Cool Provides anti-freeze and anti-boil protection. 35% glycol.
Car Wash Cuts through the most dirty surfaces to remove grime, grease, dirt, soot, oil film and bug residue from painted surfaces. Environmentally safe.
Clear Vision Cuts grease, smears and dirty finger marks instantly from windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and other hard surfaces.
Lustre Clean Guards against ultra violet rays. Prevents cracking and fading of rubber, vinyl, plastic, and leather. Makes surfaces anti-static to repel dust.
Super Coolant Provides protection against rust and corrosion. Provides anti-boil in summer and anti-freeze in winter. 95% glycol 
Corrosion Inhibitor Minimises corrosion in cooling systems.
Distilled Water Car battery top-up.
All Purpose Thinners Solvent degreaser for cleaning up after painting.
Tyre Shine Rejuvenates and adds a glistening appearance to new and near new tyres. Silicone based leaving tyres with a wet look.
Penatrene Water dispersant and fast release for nuts, bolts and automotive parts.
Easy Spray Metal Protector Silicone base to protect hard surfaces from rust and build-up of grime.
Carby Solv (Cold Dip) Strong acid-based stripper and cleaner. For painted surfaces and carbys. 
Orange Power Powerful citrus based solvent degreaser. Effectively removes wax and tar, degreases motors, spot cleans carpet, removes ink and most types of paint.
Acetone Solvent that removes adhesives and prepares metal prior to painting.
Brake Clean Thoroughly removes brake dust, oils, grease and brake fluid.
BATHROOM  Odour Smart Range Deodoriser/Disinfectants A powerful cleaner & deodoriser with sanitiser. Eliminates odours for a fresh, clean smell. Has a neutral pH. Lemon, eucalyptus, boronia, powder puff and vanilla fragrances.
Toilet Rolls - 2-ply Toilet Paper 2-ply - (400 sheets is the standard). 48 rolls per carton.
Washroom and Toilet Bowl Cleaner A powerful heavy-duty liquid cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and deodorise toilet bowls, floors and basins.
Gentle Wash White or pink, mildly scented liquid pearl hand soap. Ideal as a refill for bathroom soap dispensers.
Junior Jumbo 2-ply Toilet Rolls 2-ply, for use in dispensers.
Interleaved Paper Towel Interleaved Paper Towel for use in wall dispensers. 23.5 x 24cm is the standard size. Ctn of 16 packs of 150. 
Disinfectant Cleans and sanitises. Comes in lemon, eucalyptus, boronia, powder puff and vanilla fragrances. Has a neutral pH.
Clear Vision Cuts grease, smears and dirty finger marks instantly from windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and other hard surfaces.
Toilet Crystals Deodoriser tablets for urinals.
Bathroom Aid Chlorinated sanitiser that disinfects and cleans fat, soap scum, mildew and mold from bathroom surfaces. Bio-degradeable.
Paper Roll Towel Wall mounted rolls to dry hands and spills. Use with dispensers.
Centrefeed Wipes Absorbent paper towel for use with dispenser.
Jumbo 2-ply Toilet Rolls 2-ply, for use in dispensers.
Sweet Lu Highly effective in-cistern automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
DEGREASERS  Parts Washing Solvent Solvent degreaser used in parts washer.
Remove All Plus An excellent, heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner/degreaser. Biodegradeable.
Electrical Contact Spray Electrical evaporative solvent degreaser for use in electrical motors.
Dissolve Excellent degreaser with D-Lemonine and a special blend of solvents to remove tar and soil from painted surfaces. 
Formula 207 Solvent Degreaser Hydrocarbon based degreaser, removes built up carbon and grease from motors, machinery and even workshop floors. Not for use in high-pressure sprays.
Lift Off Alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser, highly effective on mineral grease, fats and badly soiled floor areas. Biodegradable.
Formula 940 Heavy duty, non-hazardous, multi-purpose degreaser. Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
Remove All All purpose alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser. Removes stubborn built up grime. Cleans motor bodies and machinery. Well suited to high pressure unit machines. Biodegradable.
ES Solvent Evaporative solvent to degrease and clean engine & machinery parts.
High Foam Degreaser Water based detergent degreaser. Can be used manually or in pressure sprayer to remove oil and grease from machinery and vehicle bodies. Biodegradable.
Ezi Kleen All purpose water-based degreaser/cleaner. Mildly alkaline. Removes soil and heavy grease stains from machinery, walls, floors and most soiled areas. Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
GENERAL CLEANING  White Spirits Solvent-based cleaner.
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner A concentrated water based cleaner-degreaser for safe and effective removal of heavy grease and soil. Can be used in pressure sprayers.
Concrete Wash Highly effective, acid-based concrete cleaner.
Concrete Seal Solvent-based, non-yellowing, solid base sealer.
Excellent All-Purpose Cleaner Hazard safe Spray & Wipe for cleaning interior surfaces.
HAND CLEANERS  Soft and Clean Highly effective soft, hand cleaning paste. Orange aroma. Can be used with dispensers.
Grease Off  Citrus solvent with pumice to remove grease. So good that your wife won't believe you've been to work.
Protector Before and after barrier cream.
Easy Guard Contains polybeads and skin softeners to clean off grease from hands and arms. Best used with Easy Guard dispenser.
"Bluey" Beaded Hand Cleaner A highly effective cleaner. Takes off ground-in grease, soft on hands.
Hand Cleaner - Paint Removing Incredible hand cleaner for painters. Contains grit. Softens hands as it cleans.
LAUNDRY  Laundry Liquid - Premium High grade, enzyme based liquid for heavily soiled items.
White Lightening Sodium hypochlorate (4%) based liquid bleach for whitening clothes prior to washing.
Laundry Powder - King Wash High grade, enzyme based washing powder for heavily soiled items.
Prewash Stain Remover Spray on to soil and oil stains before washing. Neutral fragrance.
Fabrisoft Softens fabrics beautifully with a fragrance that leaves clothes smelling fresh.
Laundry Powder - White and Bright Economy, lemon scented laundry washing powder. Very good for day-to-day washing.
Power Soaker A eucalyptus scented oxygen powder bleach that doesn’t discolour clothes.
Laundry Liquid - First Choice Economy laundry liquid. Cleans and brightens clothes in hot or cold water. 
SPILL ITEMS  Spill Kits - Compact  Compact design. Comes in portable carry bag. Ideal for containing and mopping up small spills.
Spill Kits - Large Comes in a large Wheelie Bin. Includes all the products needed to contain and clean up medium sized spills.
AB 15  Soaks up liquid chemical spills. Spread over the spill then sweep it up. EPA tested. Can be used in landfill sites.
Absorbent OA15L Absorbent Clay that thoroughly absorbs 100% of its body weight.