Semco Teak Sealer User Guide 
Semco Teak Sealer is simple and easy to apply. If your teak has already gone grey you will need to use a two-part cleaner first. A two-part cleaner is important as Part A is alkaline and Part B is acidic which neutralises itself and therefore will not affect the corking or sika.

Start with the two-part cleaner.
Simply wet the teak then apply Part A directly to the surface. Use a brush or a broom to spread and agitate the area.
Leave on for 8-10mins. 
If done correctly the liquid will turn a dark green or brown colour. Flush with water and you will see the teak has turned a dark brown. You may need to repeat a second time if particularly soiled. 
Immediately after, apply the part B brightener in the same way – directly to the teak then spread and agitate with a broom or brush. You will see the teak lighten before your eyes. 

Seal with Semco Teak Sealer.
Wait 2 days after using the 2 part cleaner to ensure the teak is bone dry. 
Stir the can well before starting and then again every five minutes to keep the product from splitting. Using a rag, foam brush or a polish applicator simply wipe over the teak. 
The first coat will absorb very quickly. 
We recommend 2 coats or three light coats. 
1litre of Semco will cover 5 square metres with two coats.

Ongoing maintenance. 
If the teak is in full exposure of the sun and rain you may need a maintenance coat every four to six months but you won’t need to use the 2-part cleaner. If you notice the teak isn’t repelling the water as well as it could then it’s time to add a layer.